Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gerhard Richter Painting My Links

by Robert Boyd

Gerhard Richter Painting on Wow.

 Gerhard Richter's prices are too damn high. At least Gerhard Richter thinks so.
Gerhard Richter is one of the world's most prized living artists, and one of his famous "Candle" series is expected to fetch 6-9 million pounds ($9-14 million) at auction in London next week.
That is the highest price expected for a single work at the upcoming series of contemporary art sales, yet the man behind the image said he found such figures bewildering.
"It's just as absurd as the banking crisis," said the 79-year-old German, speaking to reporters on Tuesday at the press launch of a major retrospective of his work opening at London's Tate Modern.
"It's impossible to understand and it's daft," he added, speaking through an interpreter.
[Prized painter Richter calls art market "daft", Felix Salmon]

I like eating and I like art, but I don't get this: Clandestino Dining & Private Events hosts dinners called "Whole Artist" where the chef collaborates with an artist or two. They are doing a pair of these dinners here in Houston--one with Carole Smith and Sean Flournoy, and one with Sharon Engelstein and Aaron Parazette. Clandestino describes it as "This dinner series is a Social Practice of exchange and response in various layered collaborations, between Visual Artist, Writing Responder and Chefs, via a menu for an experiential meal. These intimate events are held in the privacy of the artist’s home and or studio." If these are successful, may I suggest that future dinners feature Jim Pirtle, Mark Flood and/or Paul Horn? [CultureMap]

On the other hand, alcohol and art are a perfect match. Which is why artists doing beer and wine labels feels so right. The latest artist/booze mash-up is Cara Barer and Chateau Ste. Michelle. You can taste this wine at Gravitas on October 18 at a Chateau Ste. Michelle wine release party.


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