Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Like Emily Link and Jed Foronda's Art

by Robert Boyd

But I can't review their new show. Too many conflicts of interest. I own pieces by both artists, and I'm on the board of Box 13, where their show, False Face High, is being exhibited. I want to review it, but three conflicts is just too many. So instead of a review, here are some photos from the show. Judge for yourself--and get down to the Box and see the work in person.( I may be getting the titles mixed up on these--apologies in advance.)

Jed Foronda, Pompadours, ink on paper, 2011

Jed Foronda, The Buddy System, ink on paper, 2011

Jed Foronda, Oh, It's Natural, ink on paper, 2011

Jed Foronda, Hey, Asia!, ink on paper, 2011

Jed Foronda, Hat Hair, ink on paper, 2011

Emily Link, Force of Three, mixed media, 2011

Emily Link, Divine Instruments, mixed media, 2011

Jed Foronda, No Fucking Worries, mirror, 2011



  1. your interests seem focused rather than conflicted. maybe one day you can write a post about why you like what you collect. (is that a review?)
    Anyway, I'm glad you support BOX 13 and I like this show, too.

  2. I do occasionally write about pieces I acquire (see It's hard to be completely disinterested or unbiased if you are writing about art. I hope that by being transparent, I mitigate any feeling that I am pumping up artists I collect, which I think would be ethically suspect.