Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of May 23 to May 29

Robert Boyd

Houston's art world is taking the long weekend off for the most part. (I'll be using this time to check out a few shows I've missed. Or I'll go to the beach.) But there is never a completely art-free weekend in Houston. Here are a few things happening this weekend that we're interested in.


Hollis Frampton, still from Critical Mass

An Aurora Picture Show Open Screen Night Double Header: One Second Film Festival and Hollis Frampton Films, 7:30. A film festival of one-second films (don't expect a lot of characterization and plot) from TCU, curated by Nick Bontrager, and a selection of 16 mm films from the pioneering avant garde filmmaker, Hollis Frampton.


a heroic Hello Kitty by Erik Martinez

The Mouthless-Kat: Hello Kitty & Friends! featuring Alex Barber, Alice Le, Andrea Rodriguez, Blue130, Blue Rooster Customs, Browncoat, Catfish, Enma Castro, Erik Martinez, John Paul Luna, Katsola, Lisa Chow, Lizbeth Ortiz, Lizzette Gonzalez, Nesreen Hussain Alawami, Sophia Rose Luna and Veronica Vega at East End Studio Gallery. Art has many time-tested subjects that always work--Jesus, naked ladies, bluebonnets, etc. Hello Kitty is the latest (and greatest?) candidate for eternal artistic muse.


Joëlle Verstraeten monoprint

Joëlle Verstraeten: Allegro, Moderato at Gallery Jatad, 3–6 pm, (runs May 25 through June 27). Somehow, Gallery Jatad opened without me hearing about it. This gallery specializes in African and contemporary art (I hope that means they will also show African contemporary art), and is run by the husband and wife team of Lisa Qualls (an artist we've reviewed before) and African art specialist Matt Scheiner.

Call it Street Art, Call it Fine Art, Call it What You Know with Anat Ronen, Lee Washington, Michael C. Rodriguez, Dual, Skeez181, Deck WGF, Sebastien “MR. D” Boileau, The Death Head, Eyesore, Empire I.N.S., Daniel Anguilu, Ana María, ACK!, Tatum One, Angel Quesada, Sode, Vizie and KC Ortiz at Station Museum of Contemporary Art, 7 pm. A big show of street art is an excellent way to kick off summer, don't you think?


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