Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of May 30 to June 5

Robert Boyd

There's a lot of stuff going on this weekend, of which the list below is just a small sample. The tough question is what to do Saturday--see all the exhibits opening in Houston (including most of the Colquitt galleries) or go down to Galveston and check out the openings there? (Of course you could try for both if you're willing to risk a speeding ticket.)


Jeremy DePrez

Jeff Elrod and Jeremy DePrez: Fantasy Island at Texas Gallery, 6 pm (runs through July 6). Young Houston painter DePrez is teamed with established Brooklyn/Marfa artist Elrod--the combination is intriguing.


The Opulent Project, Silver Digital Ring, sterling silver cast from 3-D printed model of digital ring designs found online

Ctrl+P featuring the Opulent Project, Bryan Czibesz and Shawn Spangler, Stacy Jo Scott, and the Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, 5:30 pm (runs through September 8). Very interesting sounding show--with 2-D archival printing and now 3-D printing, the line between the craft world and the digital world has blurred.

Gary Schott, Plumb Bob Broach #2

Gary Schott: The Ornamental Plumb Bob at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, 5:30 pm (runs through September 8). Schott had a great show at Goldesbury Gallery in 2010, so I expect a this exhibit will be excellent.

Cerling (left) and Topek (right)

Penny Cerling and Toby Topek at Zoya Tommy Contemporary, 6 pm (runs through June 29 with an artist talk on June 1 at 2 pm). Two revered elders of the Houston art scene are joined for this exhibit.

Judy Ledgerwood, Composition in Yellow, Orange, and Pink, 2013, oil on canvas, 96 x 120 inches 

Judy Ledgerwood: Fields and Flowers at Barbara Davis Gallery at 6:30 pm (runs through July 5). I know nothing about artist Judy Ledgerwood, but I like pretty things.

Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?

Bill Willis: New Paintings at The Joanna Gallery at 7 pm. I love how the Joanna's website hasn't been updated since 2010. I guess it never will now. This is the last Joanna show. Our little girl is all growed up.


Tracye Wear, Winter Evening, 2013, encaustic and oil stick, 30"x 20"

Tracye Wear at d. m. allison, 4 to 9 pm (runs through June 29). Thick encastic gives Wear's paintings a relief quality. You'll want to touch them, but please refrain from manhandling the art.

Devon Christopher Moore, Pontchartrain, Bracket – B, Etched acrylic lacquer on galvanized steel 

Devon Christopher Moore: The Gravity of Time at Nicole Longnecker Gallery at 5 pm (runs through July 6). With the Joanna ending, it's nice to be able to welcome a new gallery. Good luck, Nicole Longnecker Gallery on your first ever exhibit!

Zachery Zeke Podgorny

Galveston Artist Residency Exhibition featuring Josh Bernstein, Zachary Zeke Podgorny and Davide Savorani at 6 pm (runs through July 20). The GAR celebrates its second year with a show of its residents. And by the way, I think the parents who named their child Zachary Zeke are awesome.

Marcelyn McNeil, Good Day Bad Day, 2013

Marcelyn McNeil: Bent into Shape at Galveston Arts Center at 6 pm (runs through July 7). An excellent painter whose work can maybe be described as bold, cartoony abstraction has a show at the GAC.


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