Friday, February 22, 2013

Comics Art Tidbits

Robert Boyd

Here are a bunch of items and links have little in common except that they have to do with comics and art.

  • "Six great but forgotten comics anthologies" by Chris Mautner (for his January 28 post in the  Robot 6 blog on Comic Book Resources) was a listicle on some of less well-remembered art comics anthologies. The ones that all serious art comics fans know are Zap Comix, Arcade, Raw, and Weirdo, and most would also include Kramer's Ergot and Mome in there, and if you read French, you would have to include Lapin at the very least. Mautner lists a few that haven't made it into institutional memory, including a single issue I edited of an anthology called Mona. Mautner writes, "Here was Kitchen Sink’s swan song, one of the last great things published before the company gave up the ghost for the more financially solvent shores of candy bar sales. Mona promised great things, but sadly was only able to get one issue out of the door before Kitchen Sink shut down. But as sad as the unfulfilled promise is, at least there’s this great first issue to gaze fondly upon." Fourteen years later, that's very gratifying to read. (But the typo on the cover--above, image by Jaime Hernandez--still nags me.)


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