Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of February 28 to March 6

Robert Boyd

Here are a few things in the coming week to check out, if you have the time.


Here's an old one by Jonathan Leach

Jonathan Leach, Time Does Not Exist Here, at Sonja Roesch Gallery at 6m (up through April 17). The maestro of candy-colored hard-edge painting is back with a new show, which is sure to be excellent.

Bert Long piece from his exhibit opening Thursday

Bert L. Long, Jr--An Odyssey at Houston Baptist University Contemporary Art Gallery, 6 pm (runs through April 18). It's tragic that Bert Long didn't get to see this show, which has inadvertently become a memorial exhibit. It's hard to imagine a better way to honor the memory of a Houston art great.


Julon Pinkston, Baby Honey-Bee, 2012, acrylic and plastic BBs on wood panel, 10 x 6 x 3 ½”

Art+New: 4 New Gallery Artists at Zoya Tommy Contemporary, 6 pm (up through March 16). First she moved her gallery to a new space, and now she's given it her own name. The first show under the name Zoya Tommy Contemporary features work by Scott Everingham, Louis Vega Trevino, John Stuart Berger, Julon Pinkston and the late Laurent Boccara.

Jang Soon, Dong-tak burns Nakyang transferring capital to ZangAn, Digital print, 40" x 28", 2011

Jang Soon: Gone Not Around Any Longer at the The Joanna, 7–10 pm. The Joanna is back with a new show by CORE fellow Jang Soon, known for his intensely colored historical battle scenes.


Toby Kamps, New York, 2010, Gelatin Silver Print, 8x10" 

Toby Kamps: 99 Cent Dreams at Front Gallery ,4 to 6 pm (up through April 16). Here's my theory of critics versus curators. When a critic shows his artwork, artists are likely to shrug and say, "Don't give up your day job, asshole." But when a curator shows his artwork, artists will say something like, "Great show, sir! Your work is exquisite! I weep with joy in its sublime presence!" We'll see it this theory holds water when we see former CAMH curator/present Menil curator Toby Kamps' new photo exhibit at Front Gallery.



  1. I love the statement on the gallery website "Kamps tries on the role of the artist."

    I like trying on things too... hats, jackets, shoes, why even next week I will try on the role of a train conductor! Yeah!!!

  2. What you said about critics and curators regarding the Toby Kamps show makes no sense. Your proposed antagonism from artists at the idea of a critic making art is laughable. You should spend more time educating yourself about art's history and it's present instead of making snarky statements that put you deeper and deeper in the sophomoric and amateur hole you have already committed to being in.

  3. Good advice, anonymous commenter!