Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of February 21 to February 27

Robert Boyd with Dean Liscum

This looks like a full week for artlovers--there's stuff happening practically every single day. He are a few things we look forward to.


Liliana Porter, still from Matinee, 2009, video

Liliana Porter, Matinee, at Sicardi Gallery, 6 pm. A video by Liliana Porter from 2009 featuring her trademark tiny little toys.

Dan McCleary, Freesia and Carnations, 2011 , Oil on canvas , 12 ¾ x 10"

Dan McClearyat Texas Gallery, 6 pm (through March 30). I always say, if a gallery needs some fast cash, put on a show of flower paintings. People love that shit.


Charlie Morris, Knuckle Fucks 1, 2012, silverpoint on cotton paper, 6" x 4 3/8"

Charlie Morris: Spinning Under Trees at Art Palace, 6 pm (runs through March 20). Artist Charlie Morris explores something or other (I stopped reading when I got to the word "explores"). The art looks pretty groovy, though.

Beth Secor: Trees at Inman Gallery, 6 pm (through March 22). Isabella Courts has a bunch of openings Friday, including this one by the great Beth Secor. (Trees, like flowers, are big movers.)

Cruz Ortiz, You Make Me Speak in Lightning Style, 2012

Cruz Ortiz: I Speak Lightning at David Shelton Gallery, 6 pm (through March 30). And another show to look forward to at Isabella Courts, this one by San Antonio cartoon portraitist Cruz Ortiz.

Helen Gerritzen, the hero’s shadow, 2006, etching, spit bite, 72” x 48” (2 panels, each panel 36” x 48”)

Helen Gerritzen: Survey 1999-2013 at Avis Frank Gallery at 6 pm (through March 13). And if you want to get away from Isabella Courts, there is a nice survey up in the Heights of Helen Gerritzen's work from the last few years.


Dean says "Saturday is about death: vigorously interrogated, beautifully rendered." (And here I always thought it was about drinking muchas cervezas.)

Palas por Pistolas Tree Planting: Artist Pedro Reyes plants a tree at Guadalupe Plaza Park, 9 am. You have to get up early to see this one. One of the artists included in Fotofest's Crónicas exhibit, Pedro Reyes, will be using his shovel made of melted guns to plant a tree. Houston loves (and loves to hate) tree art!

some Harif Guzman art, featuring sexy cowgirls and oil wells because Texas

Harif Guzman: Dying to Live at Deborah Colton Gallery at 6 pm (through April 30). Personally, I'm hoping for some sexy work by this artist, but who knows what to expect? His work is quite varied.


The route the Art Guys will walk on Tuesday

The Art Guys, The Longest Street In Houston on Little York Road beginning at 7:00 a.m. until completed. "Beginning at the farthest east end of Little York Road at Mesa Drive in Houston and proceeding west past Fry Road, The Art Guys will walk the entire length of Little York Road, the longest street in Houston." It's curious that artists and writers in Houston keep returning to the walk as a means to experience this car-centric town.


Diverse Discourse Lecture: Naomi Beckwith, Marilyn and Larry Field's Curator, MCA Chicago at DiverseWorks, 6:30 pm. Diverse Works is determined to get you out of the house on Wednesday nights by scheduling events and lectures at that time. Beckwith specializes in "conceptual practices in contemporary art," so her lecture could be about anything pretty much.


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