Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pan Video Parade

Robert Boyd

The world's laziest blog posts are those where a blogger just post a bunch of videos he found elsewhere on the web. This is one of those posts.

Kyle Chayka calls this bit from Portlandia  a sketch on conceptual art, but I'd say it's more about "participatory art" (I realize this is a hair-splitting distinction). He points out how he loves how there are wall labels for all the pieces. My favorite line is the very last one.

Arts InSight is a show on PBS about Houston art. You can see a lot of it on YouTube videos that are posted to their site, if you miss it on TV.  Here are a few:

The Art Guys talk about their work. I liked this one because it seemed like they were trying to make the work accessible to someone who maybe knows nothing about conceptual art or performance art.

Many readers are pretty familiar with the story of John and Dominique de Menil, but this short video lays it out in a succinct way, with lots of video of their Phillip Johnson-designed house.

And finally, a video that appeared on Glasstire just yesterday! (Yes, I'm totally shameless.) It's from the Nasher Sculpture Center up in Dallas (just saw the Ken Price retrospective there--fantastic!). It's for a project called Xchange, celebrating the Nasher's tenth birthday (X = 10, geddit?).

Xchange will put art all over town in public spaces. The artists include a few internationally famous names like Alfredo Jaar and and Ugo Rondinone, but Houston and Dallas are resented with the inclusion of Rick Lowe, Vicki Meek and the Good/Bad Art Collective. I think in keeping with Nasher family tradition, the 10 pieces should all be sited at shopping malls.


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