Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of February 7 to February 13

Robert Boyd with Dean Liscum

It's Mardi Gras time and there will be partying. Or alternatively, you can discuss public art or go on a long walk or look at a few paintings. It's all cool.


Slide Jam: Sally Frater and Kimberli Gant at the CAMH, 6:30 pm. It's usually artists who show the slides at CAMH's slide jams, but this time they've handed the projector over to curators to talk about what it is that they do.

Marcelyn McNeil, Crudely Drawn Mimic, Oil on Canvas, 58"x60", 2013

Howard Sherman: Artist's Picks featuring Michael Guidry, Geoff Hippenstiel, Marcelyn McNeil, Tudor Mitroi, Robert Ruello, Howard Sherman, and Shane Tolbert at the Alliance Gallery- Houston Arts Alliance at 5:30 pm through March 26. An artist (with an ego and an opinion and not afraid to sling either) picks other artists to exhibit.

Rebecca Hamm, Ski Hut, watercolor on paper

Toward Substance:Paintings by Rebecca Hamm and Cary Reeder at the O'Kane Gallery, 6 pm, runs through March 14. Rebecca Hamm paints dense underbrush and Cary Reeder paints Charles Sheeler-esque images of cottages--sounds like an interesting combination.


One of the pieces in Judged and Juried

Judged & Juried with guest juror Alyssa Monks at East End Studio Gallery at 6 pm. Featuring work by Adrienne Wong, Anat Ronen, Angela Obenhaus, Antonio Torres, Aron Williams, Blue OneThirty, Christian Perkins, Claire Richards, Dawn Thomas McKelvy, Diane Gelman, Ellen Hart, Jonathon Lowe, Kevin Peterson, Lacey Crawford, Leslie Roades, Lisa Comperry, Mario Casas, Mark Chen, Marky Dewhirst, Maryann Lucas, Melinda Patrick, Mic McAllister, Rona Lesser, Sacha Lazarre, Saida Fagala, Sam Li, Sarah Cloutier-Houston, Spartaco Margioni, Tatiana Escallon, Tim Walker, Will Brooks. This show seems a bit overwhelming on the face of it--an East Side "Big Show". Look out Lawndale!


Mac Whitney, Houston, 1982 (in Stude Park)

Public Art and Its Impact Within Houston featuring panelists Michael Guidry (University of Houston), Jimmy Castillo (Houston Arts Alliance), and Cynthia Alvarado (Midtown Management District) and moderated by Paul Middendorf at Gallery Sonja Roesch, 2pm-3pm. Where does Houston rank in terms of public art? And who green-lighted those Jaume Plensa sculptures on Alan Parkway? All will be revealed.

El Rincon Social Music Night at the Art League featuring Ryan Lee Hansson, Lisa Marie Hunter, Josiah Gabriel and Fernando Ramirez at 8 pm. This is interesting not just because of what it is but because it represents a trend I've been noticing recently in Houston--that art exhibits are having continuous related events throughout the course of the show. We saw that with STACKS at the Art League and with Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art at CAMH, and we're seeing it now with Tony Feher: Free Fall at Diverse Works. Anyway, go to the Art League early to get warmed up, then head on over to...

Poster by Sebastian Forray

Otis Ike and The Joanna Gallery Present:MARDI GRAS - An Epiphany of Anal Beads with the World Famous CHRISTEENE!!!  at Numbers, 9 pm til 2 am. Promises to feature Human King cakes! Tranny floats! An unmarried gay Tree! Bears! Cubs! Moms! Glory Holes! Shims! Hymns! Kings! Queens! Beads! Altar boy bathroom attendants! Enron! Elrond! & A Barbara Bush invitation to move to HOUSTON!!!


Carrie Schneider and Alex Tu will apparently be wearing hazmat suits on Sunday

The Human Tour with Carrie Schneider and Alex Tu, 11 am starting at Natachee's in Main. This is the first of 10 walks to be conducted by Schneider and Tu along the path of the Human Tour, an enormous art project originally created by Michael Galbreth back in 1987. The piece was a map of certain Houston streets that formed a crude outline of a human figure.

Michael Galbreth, The Human Tour, 1987


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