Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This was in the Santa Fe New Mexican a few days ago.
Peter de La Fuente, who sells his family's artworks as well as his own at the Wyeth Hurd Gallery, said he's never seen it slower.

"If you go out on Palace Avenue, you can look down and there's nobody in that portal going down to the Plaza. It's almost in a vacuum right now," he said. "There are times in the year that I feel like I've got a very nice office with very excellent art on the wall."

De La Fuente, the grandson of Peter Hurd and the great-grandson of M.C. Wyeth, was among several dealers to use the language of the Occupy movement.

"I hate to be a snob, but what we're getting now is a bunch of 99 percenters, and they're very appreciative, but they're not collectors," he said. "The people who are collectors, my clients, are the 1 percent, people who can afford art and fine art and expensive art. ...

"We [need] to get rid of Obama and let the people make money again. Profit is not a bad thing. It's what makes this country go." ("Bloom or Bust? Jury's out on state of Santa Fe art market," Tom Sharpe, The Santa Fe New Mexican, February 16, 2012)
In other news, the Dow Jones broke 13,000 today for the first time since May, 2008.


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  1. It's the dead season in Santa Fe. It is the same every year.
    It is the never ending Santa Fe poor me story.
    It's the winter and no one is there!
    They only have a three month season...
    you got to sell a lot of stuff to keep it going.
    I am happy to be gone from there.
    Sort of fun to visit but not to live and not to be an artist.
    If you go, drive up to the ski basin and hike up to the border fence and follow it to the right until you get to a natural rock seat and sit and look out at the Sangre de Cristo mountains in front of you. That's what I am talking about.