Monday, February 20, 2012

Videos from the Lone Star Performance Explosion and the Joanna

by Robert Boyd

Here are a pair of videos made to promote upcoming art shows. The Lone Star Performance Explosion sounds like it's going to be excellent. After a rocky start, it appears they have their shit mostly together.

This is happening from March 8 through March 10 at Diverse Works, Notsuoh, and Avant Garden. Plus they are trying to raise a little money for this gig in Indie a Gogo, so if you want to support Houston performance art, give them some money to help make this happen.

Is This All That All This Is? promo from Neil Sanzgiri on Vimeo.

The Joanna is hosting a Baltimore art space called Open Space on February 24. I don't know how long the show is going to be up. I get the feeling that it's a one-night only kind of thing. I may be wrong, but either way, Joanna openings are always fun, so you should show up on the 24th.


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