Monday, August 31, 2009

The Kandy-Kolored Geometries of Jonathan Leach

I went to Gallery Sonja Roesch (home of the fastest art in the west) on Saturday. This time, they actually had some art that made me linger! The artist is Jonathan Leach, a Houston artist who does these semi-architectural geometric abstractions. The photos here don't really do justice. No photo can because the art is full of day-glo colors that can't be captured on film or pixels.
 This photo was lifted off the gallery's website. It gives the impression that Leach paints in pastel colors, but the reality is that these works are quite vivid.

Jonathan Leach 1

I took this one, which I think represents the range of value better, but still doesn't give you an idea of the intensity.

These two paintings are the most "architectural" of the work--the other pieces are more abstract, and a few are what I would call minimal. They are worth seeing in the flesh if you like hard-edge abstraction (which I, for one, do).

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  1. Hey Robert,
    I'm glad you liked my show. Thanks for including me in your blog!