Thursday, April 9, 2015

Real Estate Art: 2212 Salisbury

Robert Boyd

I haven't done one of these in a while, but this pricey mod (hat-tip to Swamplot for featuring it) in upper Kirby is full of art that I can't identify. Can you?

Here's a tree-like sculptural object...

That black and white thing on the desk made me think of Trenton Doyle Hancock, but really I have no idea.

You can see two works of art here--the image of wrapped paper above the red object in the foreground and the large painting in the background.

This large drawing of a bouquet of flowers on the left makes me think of Karin Broker, but the style is not what I would expect from her. So who knows?

Another view of the flower drawing plus two smaller works on the left.

I think the dark purple piece at the end of the bar is a Gael Stack.

The two deer heads are made out of an aggregation of small cylinders of some sort. When I looked at it, I thought of John Runnels' cigarette sculptures. It would be amusing to put sculptures made out of smoked cigarette butts in the kitchen--I approve! But I doubt that's what we're actually seeing.

So a lot of art in this place, but I can identify only one piece with any confidence. What do you, gentle reader, see?


  1. shawn smith does cool wood pixelated 3d pieces - - but pretty sure (seeing them from a distance) that the deer head are not his.

    1. I've seen one of his installations--very cool stuff.