Thursday, June 10, 2010

If I Had $400,009 to Spare, I Would Buy This

This is the original location of the Aurora Picture Show--a former church converted to a micro-cinema seating 100 people, with living quarters in the back. The sale of the space was written up in Swamplot a couple of weeks ago and in the Chronicle. You can see an official listing for the property (with lots of photos) on HAR.

Whatever becomes of this location, it is part of the geography of the art history of Houston. It would be nice if it could remain so. That big front area where movies were shown will likely end up being offices for some home-based business. You could see a lawyer setting up there, for example. If it were me, though, it would become a gallery. Either for displaying my private collection (which would hardly fill that large space, but someday...) or a commercial gallery.

Anyway, if you are looking for an eccentric homestead that is a prt of Houston art history--here ya go!

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