Sunday, August 5, 2012

Slow Time with The Bridge Club

Robert Boyd

The Bridge Club made their second appearance in Houston at Art Palace on August 4 with a performance called Medium. Each member of the collective (Annie Strader, Christine Owen, Emily Bivens and Julie Wills) was sitting on a chair mounted eight feet above the floor. There they sat for two hours, doing very little or nothing at all. Quiet trancey music played in the background. Every voice or footstep of the audience members, who wandered in and out of the performance, seemed amplified. The Bridge Club never acknowledged the audience. Like Natural Resources, which they performed at Lawndale last year, Medium seemed to exist in a different, slower time stream than the one the rest of us are in. It made me think the reason they don't acknowledge us is they can't see us. We are so quick-moving compared to the glacial time-scale they inhabit that we seem like blurs to them. It seems like as good an explanation as any.


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