Monday, September 10, 2012

Lynda Barry Is a Total Sweetheart

Robert Boyd

Cartoon genius Lynda Barry sells little pieces of original art on Etsy. And the prices she charges are incredible. Her artwork is worth way more than what she charges as far as I'm concerned. When I heard that she was selling her work so affordably, I instantly checked out her Etsy page and bought two pieces that looked absolutely charming.

Today I got this:

Yes, Lynda Barry gift-wrapped her art! I unwrapped it and found this:

Oh boy! Extras!

And this was in the envelope:

Actually the book, Satan Is Real by Charlie Louvin just happened to be on my bed when I took this picture. But everything else was in the envelope that Lynda Barry sent me. The two pictures of Marlys are photocopies. The two on the left are the ones I ordered, and the owl and the monkey are totally unexpected gifts.  Pretty darned wonderful, don't you think?

Well, the least I can do for the generous Ms. Barry--one of my favorite cartoonists since the early 80s and an American treasure--is to suggest to you all that you purchase her brilliant books and buy some of her wonderful art. (And check out Satan Is Real if you're a fan of old-timey country music.)


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