Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Pictures of Artists

Robert Boyd

Last weekend, Jack Massing hosted a one-day only exhibit dedicated his recently deceased partner Michael Galbreth. (They were the Art Guys.) The entire Houston art community showed up. I decided at some point to take phone photos of as many of the artists, collectors, etc., who were there. I missed a lot of people I wanted to photograph, but I got a few. And here they are.

Britt Thomas. Thomas has an exhibit up at the Galveston Arts Center through April 12, 2020.

Clint Willour

David Aylsworth

Dean Ruck. I've written about Havel + Ruck projects several times over the years.

Debra Barrera. Here is a post that Dean Liscum wrote about a Debra Barrera exhibit.

Dennis Nance.

Elaine Bradford. Here's a post I wrote about Elaine Bradford.

Emily Peacock. I've written about her several times over the years.

Emily Sloan. Emily Sloan was one of the first artists in Houston I ever wrote about.

Iva Kinnaird.

Jack Massing.

James Surls. I've written about this giant of Houston art several times.

Jim Pirtle. Jim Pirtle has appeared in this blog many times.

Joachim West.

Julon Pinkston. Julon Pinkston has had several appearances on this blog.

Neil Fauerso.

Paul Kremer (l) and Phillip Kremer. I wrote about Paul Kremer's former collective (maybe it would be better to be call it a club), I Love You Baby.

Paul Middendorf. Runs Space HL (formerly Gallery Homeland).

Peter Lucas.

Scott Gilbert.

Sharon Kopriva (center) and Brad Barber (right)

Susan Budge.

Travis Hanson.

Tudor Mitroi.

William Camfield.

Xandra Eden. Director of Diverse Works.

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  1. I only got to meet him once but I have loved the humor in his art and been inspired by his work since I was an undergraduate student studying art. He struck me as a kind soul when I met him and I felt privileged to be able to attend the event and to talk to so many cool people.