Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monster Show at Domy

Just a quick note on the 4th Monster Show at Domy. This is their Halloween show, and so monster-ish subjects are called for. Broadly speaking, the art in this show (and in most Domy shows) is either ironic (in kind of a smart-ass way) or deliberately naive. Neither is an artistic approach that I can take for long (I need to have art that shows deliberate intelligence; or else displays a real sense of emotion; or else is the product of bravura technique; or some combination of the above. So the faux naif approach and the smart-ass punk ironic approach are not my favorites.)

That said, there's always something to like in a show like this, which isn't, after all, meant to be all that serious.

Bart with Garfield Tumor
Michael Harwell, Bart with Garfield Tumor, watercolor, 2009 (?)

This is a perfect example of punk irony. And it's funny! It's a gag cartoon pinned on the wall in an art show, and that works for me.

cheeseburger picnic
Chris Kline, Cheeseburger Picnic, silkscreen, 2009 (?)

I liked this, but as I said, a steady diet of it would be way too much. By the way, I think this is Chris Kline.
This photo makes me think of Look at This Fucking Hipster. (If this is not the same Chris Kline who did "Cheeseburger Picnic," my apologies to both of you!)

Travis Millard, Shank, watercolor ind ink (?), 2009 (?)

This artist is a really talented cartoonist. He comes from L.A., and you can see more of his artwork here and here. His work has a natural cartoon-character feel to it--it's alive and really moves.

fig 3
Rand Renfrow, fig. 3, silkscreen print, 2009 (?)

Another faux naif artist. But he has a way with colors. I like his pieces (he has four in the show) a lot. So I bought a couple. Even I can't resist the siren call of cute brut sometimes. (Renfrow has a nice blog, which is something I always appreciate!)


  1. hey! thanks for the review and for buying some of my pieces. if you care, i'll be having a show at Domy Houston sometime in Spring 2010. heads up!