Friday, March 8, 2013

Pan Video Parade

Robert Boyd

I found the video below, "Inside the Library of Thomas McEvilley" by Michael Kasino on Vimeo. It wasn't embeddable but it was downloadable. So I hope Mr. Kasino won't be angered that I have copied it and embedded it here. (You can see more videos by Kasino here.)

Unsurprisingly, McEvilley's apartment was overflowing with books. But I see he also does something I do--he hangs art in front of his books. The thing is, if you are an art lover and a book lover, you end up with a dilemma. Books and art both tend to take a lot of wall space. And unless you're quite wealthy, you probably have a somewhat limited quantity of wall space. So the solution for some of us is to put art in front of books.

McEvilley tells us that he has never bought a piece of art or asked an artist for a piece, but that he often gets pieces as gifts. He has a lot of pieces by James Lee Byars and William Anastasi, two artists he was personally very close to. He also has a giant stuffed tiger that he found on the street in a puddle and brought back to his apartment.

Here is an excellent quote from the video: "Antiquity, especially the bronze age... It possesses me. I wake at night thinking about it."

James Kalm walks through the big Jay DeFeo retrospective at the Whitney Museum (there's about of minute of a random brass band playing at the beginning of the video).


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