Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of August 29 to September 4

Robert Boyd

Happy Labor Day weekend! If you're not at the beach, here are some art things to do. (And if you are at the beach, swing by GAR and the Galveston Art Center.)


This 3-D image of a handprint on a mouse will probably make a lot more sense if you see Felipe Lopez's show at the Alliance Gallery

Felipe Lopez: Constructing the Praxis of Interactivity at the Alliance Gallery, 6 to 8 pm. This solo show by Felipe Lopez features thermochromics (paint that changes color when the temperature changes) and 3-D glasses. I'm disappointed by the lack of smellovision, though.

"No Matter How Hard I Try I Can’t Look The Same As I Did Yesterday" by soprano Lisa Harris featuring DJ Fat Tony at Fresh Arts, 6 to 8 pm. A new performative installation including video. I'm not sure if there is any performance at the opening reception (aside from the DJ), but there are two official performance dates scheduled; one on September 13 and one on September 20.

Design Now–Houston: Democratic Design: Envisioning Houston featuring Susan Rogers, Ned Dodington, and Javier Fadul at the CAMH, 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Part of a lecture series to accompany CAMH's current design show, this one is about envisioning Houston on different scales.


I think this one is by Beau Pope

Strictly Stencils! featuring work by 2:12, Zen Full, Cutthroat, Pahnl Whatnow, Bryan Cope, Chad HKs, Stencil Killer Art, Wiley Robertson, Emmanuel Nuño Arámbula, Jessica Pope and Beau Pope at East End Studio Gallery, one night only, 6 to 10 pm. Presented by I wish it lasted longer than one night...

Alex Larsen's studio at El Rincón Social

OPEN STUDIOS ¡JUEGOS! at El Rincón Social, 8 pm to 2 am. Come see the artists' studios  an play some games, including mariachi gritos,  monkey dodge ball, marbles, cat rodeo, indoor fishing, ice sliding, checkers, rhino boobs, bobbing for Jalapenos, over-the-top arm wrestling and more.


Earl Staley, Distant Shore, watercolor on paper, 6 x 12 inches

Earl Staley's Going to Rome Sale at his studio at Art Supply on Main, 10am to 4pm. Earl Staley is heading off to the American Academy in Rome, and wants to sell you a watercolor or two before he goes. Staley is an excellent and highly prolific watercolorist, and these pieces, mostly from 2008 to the present, are being sold at bargain prices ($25 to $500). Not a bad price to pay for work by an artist who represented the U.S. at the 1984 Venice Biennale!

EXTRA ! EXTRA ! A News Media Art Happening featuring Mic McAllister, Yamin Cespedes, William H. Miller, Vincent Fink, Brent Bruni Comiskey, Michael Wooten, Samar Allarakia, Yota Papadopulos, Zoanna Maney, Niole Gavin, Elizabeth Cencini, Eric Harker, John Paul Hartman, Solomon Kane, Gian Palacios-Świątkowski, Kyle Fu, Joe Sioufi, Mandy Peyrani, Catherine Kleinhans, Victoria Lewelling, George Bibb, Dirk Strangely, Moe Profane, Dandee Warhol, Kristen Blakeway, Gordon Greenleaf, Victor Hugo Zambrano Navarro, Paula Hawkins, Chasity Porter, James Hudek, Randall Kallinen, Christian Perkins, Christina Lynn Todaro, Denise St. Clair, Jonathan Rosenstein, Lenora Palacios, Angela Obenhaus, Marsha Glickman, Naz Kaya-Erdal, Charlene Zak and Hope Sanford at Kallinen Contemporary, 7 to 10 pm. The subject is the news media, and this show will include an appearance by Wayne Dolcefino--not the Houston art world's favorite reporter!


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