Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Real Estate Art #2

Robert Boyd

It's time for another voyeuristic look at other people's art collections, courtesy of the fine people at HAR.com. This time, we have a condo on Shepherd in River Oaks. I recognize a lot of the art, but I'm not going to spoil it (at least, not right away). If you can name the artists who made any of these pieces, let me know in the comments. After a while, I'll pipe up with what I know. But I will give one clue--this collector likes to buy local--many of the pieces here are by Houston area artists. Nice to see!

If you see a piece you think you recognize but can't quite tell, I suggest checking out the HAR listing--there are a lot more interior photos there. Oh, and if you like the condo, it's yours for a mere $2.475 million.

Because there are so many photos, I'm going to number them. If you want to identify one in the comments, please refer to the photo number.

photo 1

I think this is an entryway. Behind the gate, we have a mural. Then the gate itself is pretty interesting. And inside the gate there is a sculpture on a pedestal and a bunch of paintings of cats.

photo 2

Then there is this huge room with multiple artworks. From left to right is a colorful grid on the wall to the left, a colorful ladder-like piece, a pair of paintings and a sculpture, and four colorful bowl-like wall sculptures.

photo 3

The room keeps on going. Again from left to right, the bowl-like sculptures, another colorful transparent ladder, and two large corner pieces. We can see a little bit of what appears to be three paintings cut off on the right edge, and there is a glass object on the table.

photo 4

The room keeps on going though. There is a red and grey column/sculpture in the middle and what appears to be a boxy sculpture on the floor on the right.

photo 5

I won't try to address the things on the balcony, which we will see more clearly in the next photo. But again left to right, there is a pink sculpture under the TV, then three paintings that are two hard to really see, a sculpture of a dog, three chrome-plated wall pieces, a couple more paintings that are too hard to see, four round paintings and a red mobile.

photo 6

Then up in the balcony, there is a very large painting and a set of five colorful sculptures that look sort of like jacks.

photo 7

I can't tell much about the paintings on the staircase. Above them is another dog statue and two colorful dog-cows.

photo 8

The dog artist shows up again here, along with a glass sculpture on a pedestal in the corner.

photo 9

This is a bedroom, I suppose. At least it has a bed in it. Left to right, there is a very large, very colorful painting, then a stack of six paintings. To the left of the bed is an interesting grey abstract floor sculpture, then another fucking dog painting, and another mobile, consisting of cursive letters.

photo 10

And here are a couple of sculptures outside on a balcony.

And the astonishing thing is this is not by any stretch all the art in this condo. This homeowner's taste is not exactly mine--by a longshot--but there are definitely some pieces here that I like, and I like the way they have filled their home with a wide variety of artworks. And unlike a lot of collectors, therse don't seem to shy away from sculpture. Given the number of the pieces and the size of many of them, the owners must be prominent local collectors. According to HCAD, their names are Don and Christine Sanders. These names mean nothing to me though. However, I will hazard a guess that they buy a lot of art from McClain Gallery.

Like I said, I recognize some of this art. Do you? Let us know your guesses!

UPDATE:  We got some great guesses here and even more over on Facebook. Based on the collective knowledge of everyone, here's the art I can identify:

photo 1 - The mural is by Aaron Parazette, but no one had guesses for the other pieces.
photo 2 - The ladder piece is by Stephen Dean. The blue dog paintings and dog sculpture are by Rodrigue, and the discs are by Christian Eckart.
photo 3 - Another ladder piece by Stephen Dean and the corner pieces are also by Christain Eckhart.
photo 4 - It was suggested that the crinkly grey thing on the red column is by Nancy Rubins, and the big ring in the forground on the right is another Christian Eckart.
photo 5 - The silver pieces on the wall are by Christian Eckart, but no clue on the rest.
photo 6 - Of course, the large painting on the left is a James Rosenquist. The jacks-like sculptures on the right are by Ed Hendricks.
photo 7 - The two cows are by Rodrigue.
photo 8 - The painting in the foreground is by Rodrigue.
photo 9 - That's a big Peter Halley on the left, another Rodrigue above the bed, and a Joseph Havel hanging from the ceiling.
photo 10 - A pair of Ed Hendricks sculptures.



  1. I've been in that condo (as part of a 2007 seminar graduate course looking at collectors). Lots of cool stuff there. Parazette in the entry way FTW!

    1. That's right. Parazette is the mural in photo 1. One high-five for a correct guess and one fist bump for being first!

  2. Cool stuff everywhere. Photo 10 Ed Hendricks

    1. That's one I didn't know, but it sure looks like you are right: http://www.edwardleehendricks.com/hendricks11.html

  3. A recent James Rosenquist in photo 6 across from the jacks. It's fun to peep. Thanks!

    1. I wish they had a better photo of it--but the photos here are designed to sell the condo, not show off the art...

  4. Joseph Havel word piece. Is that Peter Halley in background? Big ol' Rosenquist in the catwalk. I want these collector's names. My solo show is coming up at Avis Frank!

    1. Don and Christine Sanders--obviously a pair of serious collectors. I wonder if they are selling the condo because they need a bigger home to show their art in?

  5. Christian Eckart on curved wall - photo 5

  6. in photo 2, the ladder piece is by Stephan Dean. I'm guessing that the work on the column in photo 5 is a graphite drawing by Nancy Rubin.

  7. Stephen Dean is the creator of the two ladders, I believe. As for Nancy Rubins--that seems like a good guess, but I've never seen anything exactly like this by her. But you could definitely be right.