Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Real Estate Art: 2526 Bellmeade

Robert Boyd

The house at the corner of Bellmeade and Westheimer is for sale. If you have ever wanted to live in River Oaks and can afford a $4.2 million dollar mortgage, this house is for you. This modern house is full of art, which is visible in the realtors photos. It seems mostly pretty subtle, with lots of work on paper. I only recognize one of the artists. How about you?

This James Surls sculpture is quite beautiful. This spinning wheel is a form he has used many times. If you are in River Oaks and want to see a James Surls, they just installed a new one on Kirby a few weeks ago.

on the left: four monoprints by Terrell James

As for the other art in the house, I just can't tell. (Update: The four monoprints on the left above are by Terrell James. Certainly quite different from the work she recently showed at Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas!)) But I like the look of these pieces in the dining room.

Update: According to a commenter, one of these pieces is a Robert Wilson.

Update: A commenter says the image over the couch on the left here is a photo by Casey Williams, the recently deceased Houston photographer.

The people who live here are collectors. Their tastes are low key--this isn't visually aggressive art for the most part. My feeling is that anyone who would buy a Surls for their home has reasonably sophisticated tastes. But I can't identify any of the other work, so I will toss it out to you, the readers.


  1. Casey Williams photograph on left over couch in room with bookshelf in rear; Robert Wilson drawing in living area beyond dining room.

  2. I know this home somewhat well. But the corner location on Westheimer : way too noisy.. I'll pass....

  3. @ Robert Boyd: the new Surls sculpture on irby is technically NOT in River Oaks proper. It's adjacent...