Friday, September 25, 2009

Bra Art -- Deadline September 26

I'm kind of late on the draw for this one, but there is a charity bra-decorating event coming up, but artists have to sign up for it tomorrow. The details are here. The downside is that there is a $50 entry fee (!). That goes to a breast cancer charity called The Save the Ta-Tas Foundation. (I'm not kidding.)  Some of the money will end up going to cancer research... How much, I don't know. Hopefully most of it.

For that fee, you get a a bra (which you have to pick up) and an instruction kit. The thing is, you need to sign up by tomorrow, and the bra is to be decorated by October 3.
The bras themselves will be exhibited at a charity cocktail party at the Bering and James Art Gallery--it's called "Bratober" and is happe ning October 16. You can read more here.

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