Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lawn Art and Plop Art Photos

I took a few photos of public sculpture this weekend. None of these wow me, personally, but I like the fact that they exist. I'd rather have them where they are than not have them there.

Anyone who has ever had coffee at the Art League has probably noticed this abstract piece in front of apartments at the corner of Montrose and Bomar.

Montrose Apartment Art

Here is another view.

Montrose Apartment Art

Does anyone know who the artist is or what the sculpture is called?

Up in Stude Park is an enormous metal sculpture that probably everyone driving west from Downtown on I-10 has seen.

Mac Whitney
Mac Whitney, Houston, steel and paint, 1981

It is called Houston and it's by an artist named Mac Whitney.

Mac Whitney
Mac Whitney, Houston, steel and paint, 1981

Finally, at the corner of  Bayland and Morrison up in the Heights is a piece of metal lawn art.

Bayland and morrison

It's kind of a curving broom-like structure on a tripod with a spring around its base.

Bayland & Morrison

If anyone knows what this is called or who the artist is, please let me know!

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