Friday, January 11, 2013

Uriel Landeros' Attorney

Robert Boyd

Emily DeToto, the lawyer representing Uriel Landeros (the Picasso grafitti guy, for those coming late to the party), was interviewed on ABC-Eyewitness News. They put up this nice long clip from the interview on their website. She seems a bit nervous, and probably says too much (like when she says Landeros is an accomplished graffiti artist, but only does legal graffiti). She seems highly frustrated with Landeros mouthing off to the press and on social media. She suggests that the bond will be high because he had already fled to Mexico for several months.

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, she said, "A criminal defense attorney's worst nightmare is when your client gives an alleged full confession on tape." No doubt! And given this, there doesn't seem any way that Landeros will be found not guilty. I think DeToto's job is to minimize his sentence. I expect a plea deal.


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  1. Rookie mistakes. I don't recall Cattelan receiving so much flack for his stunt of stealing an entire exhibition.