Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Chron Surprises Me

by Robert Boyd

Dan Clowes on the cover of Zest

When I saw the above image in my Sunday paper, I nearly fell out of my chair. I'm so used to the Chron giving short shrift to things I personally like that I was instantly suspicious. I figured it would be some AP story or something. But no, it's a lengthy feature by Chron writer Andrew Dansby (who also has another piece in Zest today on rock stars who die of cancer). It's exactly the kind of newspaper feature you would want to see on an artist like Dan Clowes--respectful, informative, not written from the point of view of "Wow, can you believe a grown man does these bang! zoom! comics except they're serious and for adults?!"

Of course, it was almost exactly a year ago I put on a show of comic art by Marc Bell and Jim Woodring at Lawndale. How did the Chronicle cover Walpurgis Afternoon? Ignored it. What can I say? The Clowes piece is progress in a way.


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