Sunday, May 27, 2012

H.J. Bott and Susan Plum on Video

by Robert Boyd

These two videos, featuring artists H.J. Bott and Susan Plum just popped up on YouTube the other day.

ShauLin Hon, Canticle for Pop!

Susan Plum, Fluid Universe, ShauLin Hon, director of photography

The videos were photographed by ShauLin Hon. His YouTube page is here, if you want to subscribe, and his photography site, SLyworks, is here.



  1. Thanks for posting this video by Shau Lin Hon. He also was the photographer that documented all the work at the Tish show.

  2. Shau Lin and I had a great time making this short film. I didn't realize it was posted until today, 12-30-14. Thanks for posting and
    so nice to be sharing the page with Harvey.

  3. Sound by Susan Alexjander, Portland, Oregon.