Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Houston Kickstarter Campaigns

by Robert Boyd

I have a post in the works about the mechanics of Kickstarter, the crowd-sourced funding mechanism. But that post is turning out to be a little more complex than I originally imagined. So since Kickstarter is on my mind, here are a few interesting Kickstarter projects from Houston that are being funded right now.

The Postcard Story. Sign up to support this one, and you get four postcards in the mail to you. The content will be a serialized four-part story (or four very short stories, I'm not sure which) by Andrew Kozma and four photographs by Ashley MacLean. They have already raised way more money than they asked for (they were only trying to raise $400, but as I write this they have raised $2437). But if you want to get their literary/photographic correspondence, you'll need to pledge at least $5.  (They will continue raising money until July 17.)

The Wild Mural. An artist named Stephanie Darling wants to paint a mural on the side of the Heights Theater (home of Gallery M Squared). She's asking for $7000 to do it. That seems like a lot to raise on Kickstarter, but good luck with it! This campaign end on August 14.

Help Texas Hobbits. David Spiesman needs $18 to help some Hobbits who he found on his property. Or something. He obviously touched a nerve with his plea because he's already raised ten times that much. This campaign will end on July 19.

Want to help out a local artist/musician/game designer/Hobbit enthusiast? Here are all the Houston-area Kickstarter campaigns.  And if none of these float your boat, there are plenty of local non-profit arts organizations that could use a fin or two--like Frenticore, Box 13, Project Row Houses, the Art League, and many many more.


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