Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Comics in Art Museums

I've discussed the intersection of comics and the art world many times on this blog. Here's another such intersection, and it makes me wish I was going to be in Chicago next month (Chicago in January?! It would be worth it).

Lilli Carré, Splits, 2010
"New Chicago Comics" is showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago from January 8 through January 30, featuring Lilli Carré, Jeffrey Brown, Paul Hornschemeier and Anders Nilsen. Bravo to the museum for showing comics artists! Boo to the museum for the insultingly short timeframe! Bravo for having a big Jim Nutt retrospective! Boo to the museum for including just one cartoonist, Chris Ware, to be in the companion exhibit, Seeing Is a Kind of Thinking: A Jim Nutt Companion, that "includes work by more than 50 contemporary artists that resonates—either formally or through its subject matter—with aspects of Nutt's work."

Getting the comics world and the art world to hold hands and sing together is never going to be easy. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago has made a good effort, so my "bravos" outweigh my "boos."

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