Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Pan Art Fair Begins Tomorrow

Robert Boyd

If my usual posting rate has declined in the last week or two, I apologize. The reason is simple--I have been working hard to get the Pan Art Fair ready. Since my last update, we've had a lot of new things come together.

Gallerist Devon Borden came up with this idea. He suggested I make the dresser and end-table drawers available to exhibitors. I announced this, honestly thinking that there would be no takers (and that people would get a chuckle out of it). Instead, all six available drawers were snatched up!

Aron Williams' drawer

Murray Goldfarb Fine Art will be showing the work of Aron Williams

Artist Bryan Keith Gardner will have his own work on display

Ditto artist Solomon Kane

Jim Nolan, the process of failure/it's better to regret something you have done

Jim Nolan is installing a site-specific installation to be called the process of failure/it's better to regret something you have done

d.m. allison gallery will be showing work by sculptor Chris Hedrick

And Devin Borden Gallery will be showing Geoff Hippensteil!

Also, we will be having a performance Thursday night at 8 pm by Paul Middendorf called Make It Official.

Middendorf's offer to you: Spending all of your days proving yourself to your peers? Spending hour after hour day after day in the grind, paving your way as an artist? Make it official today! Two minutes of a paperwork, light conversation, and mild to heavy judgement and you will be officially stamped and certified as an artist! Come join us and welcome yourself to the rest of your life.
All this in addition to work from Front Gallery, Cardoza Fine Art, Emily Peacock and Lane Hagood!


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