Monday, October 22, 2012

Stroll through Skatestock 2012

Dean Liscum

Saturday was Skatestock day at Lee and Joe Jamail skatepark. The one day festival is organized by PUSH (Public Use Skate Parks for Houston) and benefits the Morgan Moss foundation, which supplies photography equipment to Texas high schools in honor of it's namesake, an artist and photographer.

The 9-hour event was chock full of bands, DJs, artists, vendors, and of course all the skating you could stand.

I strolled through the festival on my way to the Pan Art Fair and here's some art and visuals that caught my eye.

Skate boarding and spray painting are complimentary and there was plenty of both on display.

The organizers set up panels for taggers to ply their trade. Some of them came from as far away as California.

Here's a nice bit of functional, geometric abstraction (I know.That's an oxy..., moron.)

Tools of the trade.

I haven't heard either candidate tout the economic benefits of tagging, but they're out there.

A number of local artists showed their support including Sketchy Neighbors

Tara Conley brought some sculptures.

Guerro Studios brought skate signage and Halloween-appropriate posters.

Jonathan Clark displayed his office supply sculptures.

Catfish had lines a-plenty for purchase.

Peace, love, skating, and of course Pan.


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