Thursday, September 29, 2011

Houston Art Map (Revised)

by Robert Boyd

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This is a map I made of Houston Art Landmarks a while back. I've added a few things and updated a few things. Please let me know if there is anything I'm missing (I would be shocked if there weren't) or any mistakes I've made.

Here's the legend:
Snowflakes--These are museums and non-profit art spaces
Suns--These are (more-or-less) commercial galleries
Comedy-Tragedy Masks--These are art spaces that are not primarily devoted to visual art but include it (performing arts spaces, cafes, etc.)
Red Avalanche--Pieces of public art
Green Arrow & Star--Lawn art--privately owned art in people's yard or homes that can be seen from the street
Dollar Sign--Art on the outside of businesses (sculptures, murals, etc.)
Anchors--Art schools and/or studios
Water waves--art in or on religious structures/institutions
Telephones--Any other art-related place that doesn't fit into the above categories


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