Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Houston Fine Art Fair Opens Tonight

by Robert Boyd

Unfortunately, I won't be there tonight... I have a class. I might try to stop by Friday, but realistically, I don't think I will make it until Saturday. Like a sucker, I bought a four-day pass (opening party tonight and then three full days). Then, about a week later, Linda Darke gave me four free passes. I gave one to fellow Pan blogger Dean Liscum, so I'm hoping he will have something interesting and timely to say.

For previews, here's CultureMap's "ultimate" preview, and here are photos of the installation of the show from The Houston Press. I've never been to an art fair, so for that reason alone I'm quite eager to check it out. I want to see the art, of course, but I also want to check out the scene.

What seems especially interesting about the Houston Fine Art Fair is the number of Latin American galleries exhibiting. Out of 81 galleries exhibiting, nine seem to be from Latin America.

Gastón Ugalde, One dollar, Coca leaves collage, 2010

The above image comes from the website of Salar Galeria de Arte from La Paz, Bolivia. It's one of the South American galleries that look quite interesting. Another is Document-Art from Buenos Aires, which seems to specialize in artists' books.

The Houston Fine Art Fair may end up being a bacchanalia of commodity fetishism, plastic surgery and air kisses, but I suspect that it will be quite interesting to attend.


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