Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two More Days to Vote!

by Robert Boyd

Come January 1st, I will stop bothering you, my patient readers, with requests to vote in my year-end poll. Until then, you can access the poll here.

Plates: Gumballs, Licorice Allsorts & Peppermint Candies
Marzia Faggin, Plates: Gumballs, Licorice Allsorts & Peppermint Candies, plaster, glue, acrylic, gloss, 2011

You can vote from a list of art exhibits, performances, and events--but, if you don't see a show you liked, you can write it (or them if more than one) in, and your write-in votes will be counted. We've had some good write-ins. In the "exhibits" category, voters have written in:
Marzia Faggin, Fragile at Nau-haus Art Space
Barrera & Gomez, timesteps at Lawndale
A Matter of Wit at Fotofest
Anthony Shumate, COCKY at Barbara Davis
Seeing Stars: Visionary Drawing from the Collection at the Menil
All excellent shows! (COCKY is disqualified because it was up in November and December 2010, though.)

In the performance category, folks have written in:
Many Mini at Skydive
Jordan Johnson at GGallery
Many Mini included a lot of performance, but it was a sui generis type of thing--it is impossible to pigeonhole into one category. But it certainly is deserving of a write-in vote!

But maybe there's more that deserves a write-in. Probably so. So if you haven't voted in, go in and vote for all the shows you liked, and write in all the ones I forgot to include in my lists!


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