Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vote Early...Vote Often!

by Robert Boyd

Please cast your vote(s) in my survey of Houston's best 2011 art shows.

If you are worried about or intimidated by the idea of choosing the "best" art show, don't be! This survey is designed to be easy and painless. Here's why:
1) You don't have to choose a single exhibit--you can pick as many or as few exhibits as you like.
2) You don't have to rank your choices.
3) As a consequence, I encourage you to simply pick any exhibit you liked--whatever art show gave you pleasure or made you think.
4) Furthermore, if you don't see a show you liked on the list, you can write it in. Write-ins will be counted towards the final tally.
In short, this is about picking the art you liked. My hope is that collectively, this will give us a consensus view on what exhibits "we" considered the best. But mostly, it's just another list because I love lists and it seems a lot of readers like lists, too.



  1. Signed up at Survey Monkey but can't seem to get to your survey. Any other links?

  2. That's the only link. I just double checked it, and it is the correct link. It may be that if you or someone else has filled in the survey from the same IP address, it won't let you fill another survey out. (Not very helpful for art-loving households with one shared IP address, I admit...)